Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Premium Wine Card do?

The Premium Wine Card has been embedded with a series of frequencies that produce a long lasting natural resonance, which when applied to wine, causes a positive change in the structure of the wine. Treatment of the wine with the card enhances the flavour of the wine by bringing the fruit flavours over the top of the tannins. Some of the dissolved gasses in the wine may also be released at the time of treatment.

How do I use the Premium Wine Card?

Hold the Premium Wine Card so that the front of the card is facing you. Then touch the wine glass symbol on the card directly onto the bottom of the bowl of the wine glass and hold it there. Gently move the card in a circular motion for 15 seconds. Wait 30 seconds before tasting the wine.

Does It Make Every Wine Taste Better?

For most people yes! Red wine is the best candidate for the Premium Wine Card because of the higher tannic content of the wine but it will also work with white wine to soften the acidity. Some wines respond better than others and some of the latest vintage wines may only exhibit a subtle change.  Everyones taste is different, try it with your favourite wine to see what you prefer.

Does the type of glass matter?

The Premium Wine Card is not recommended for use with patterned cut glasses or crystal cut glasses because the angles of the pattern or cuts tend to scatter the transfer of the resonance. It will take much longer to treat the wine effectively as opposed to wine in a plain smooth or rounded glass.

What will I notice with the treated wine?

Most people notice an instant change in the wine. The fruit of the wine seems to take precedence over the tannins. Commonly, there is a sensation of a bigger fruit flavour with a much softer finish.

How can I test the effect of the Premium Wine Card on wine?

Take two identical glasses and pour a small amount (about 30ml / 1oz) of wine into each glass without using the Premium Wine Card. Separate the glasses so they are one metre apart. Treat one glass of wine (using the Premium Wine Card as per the instructions on the card) and leave aside for 30 seconds or so.  Taste the treated glass first and then and taste the untreated glass you also poured at the beginning. Enjoy the improvement in the taste of your treated wine.

Can I treat the wine by placing the Premium Wine Card under my wine glass?

Not recommended. It will take much longer for the resonance to treat the wine because neither the wine nor card is moving and the card is not close to the wine. The effect may not be noticeable by the time you have consumed the glass of wine.

Can I treat a whole bottle of wine by using the Premium Wine Card under the bottle?

No. Because of its size, the Premium Wine Card has not been designed for use with bottles of wine. 

Can I treat other alcohol like Spirits?

Yes. The Wine Card has a positive effect on spirits that makes them much smoother. One card owner has commented “It makes Red Label Scotch into Black Label”. It’s a matter of individual taste.

Can I treat Water, Fruit and Vegetable juices?

Yes. The Wine Card has a positive effect on most liquids. Customers have reported that tap water tastes better after it has been treated with the card. Effects may vary according to the liquid being treated. Again, it’s a matter of your personal taste.

Can I treat Tea and Coffee?

Yes. The Wine Card has a positive effect on most teas and coffees. You may find that tea and coffee lose some of their bitterness and may not require the addition of sugar. Again, it’s a matter of your personal taste.

How long will the Wine Card last?

Expect the Premium Wine Card to give good service for at least 1 Million applications. This should be more than enough to cater for a life of enjoyable wine experiences.

Does the Wine Card come with a guarantee?

Yes, but because we cannot guarantee that you will experience specific tastes or sensations, we offer a “satisfaction guarantee”. This means that if you are not satisfied with the product and the benefits offered by the Premium Wine Card during the first 30 days after purchase, then you can return the card in good order and condition within that time and receive a full refund of the purchase price paid.

Will the Wine Card reduce the alcoholic content of the wine?

No. The Wine Card is not designed to affect the volume of alcohol in the wine. Remember that a 100ml serve of red wine is one standard drink under the Australian Australian Alcohol Guidelines.

Can I carry the Wine Card in my purse or wallet?

Yes. The Wine Card will not adversely affect any of your store, bank or credit cards, even if it is placed next to them.

Can Airport security scanners damage the card?

No. The Wine Card is not adversely affected by any normal security scanning.


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